Sautee Microgreens with Vegetables: Quick and Nutritious Delights

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Sautéing microgreens with vegetables, such as spinach or kale, creates a delicious and nutritious side dish. The light cooking process softens the microgreens slightly while still retaining their valuable nutrients. Add a touch of garlic, season with salt and pepper, and sauté them in a bit of olive oil for a tasty and healthful addition to your meal.

Choose Your Vegetables

You can choose from spinach, kale, or other veggies to sauté your microgreens with and create a delicious dish! Whether you’re looking for seasonal options or unique flavor combinations, there are plenty of vegetables that pair well with microgreens.

Spinach and kale are two of the most popular choices as they provide a substantial base for the delicate microgreens. Other great options include mushrooms, bell peppers, okra, eggplant, and zucchini. Each of these vegetables have distinct flavors and textures that will add complexity to your dish.

When choosing which vegetables to use in your sautéed microgreen side dish, it’s important to consider how long each one takes to cook. For instance, mushrooms take longer than spinach or kale; therefore it’s best to add them first so they don’t become overcooked. Bell peppers also take slightly longer than other veggies like zucchini or okra so keep this in mind when timing your ingredients accordingly.

In addition to considering cooking times when selecting your veggies for the sautéed dish, think about how each vegetable tastes on its own before combining them together with the microgreens. Although all of these veggies pair wonderfully with greens because of their earthy flavors and crunchy textures, if you’re not a fan of certain ones then feel free to substitute them out for something else that better suits your taste buds!

Once you’ve decided on which vegetables work best for you and your recipe needs, then simply toss everything together in a pan over medium heat until everything is cooked through – be sure not to overcook as this will cause the nutrients from both the vegetables and microgreens to diminish significantly!

Enjoying this flavorful side dish is as simple as adding some oil or butter along with salt and pepper – dig right into this tasty treat!

Select Your Microgreens

You’ve got a variety of microgreens to choose from when it comes to preparing a delicious side dish. Arugula, kale, radish, beet, and broccoli are just some of the options available.

These microgreens bring a unique flavor profile and texture that will truly elevate your meal. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to create something flavorful and nutritious with them!


Arugula is an excellent addition to any vegetable sauté, and it’s peppery flavor pairs especially well with spinach or kale. For example, try sautéing arugula with garlic and red pepper flakes for a flavorful side dish.

Arugula is rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can help support your health. Plus, its unique flavor packs a punch of umami – making it a delicious addition to any meal.

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Here are some ways you can use arugula in your next veggie sauté:

  • Add a handful of fresh arugula to your favorite stir-fry for an extra dose of nutrition and flavor.
  • Toss cooked vegetables with olive oil, lemon juice, salt & pepper then top off the dish with some freshly chopped arugula leaves.
  • Sauté thinly sliced onions and garlic until softened before adding baby arugula leaves for the perfect finishing touch.


Kale is a great way to add a nutritious, delicious kick to any meal. This dark, leafy green is packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, K, calcium and fiber. Plus, its robust flavor pairs well with many ingredients for endless flavor combinations.

When sautéed with microgreens and vegetables such as spinach or kale, you can create an incredibly flavorful side dish that everyone will love. Here are some serving suggestions for this healthy and delicious combination: try adding garlic or ginger for extra zing; top with Parmesan cheese for an umami boost; add fresh herbs such as dill or basil; or even toss in some diced apples and walnuts for texture and sweetness.

Whatever your preference may be, the possibilities are endless when it comes to sautéing microgreens together with kale!


Radishes are a crunchy and flavorful addition to any dish, and they contain a surprising amount of Vitamin C – about 13% of your daily requirement in just one small serving! Additionally, radishes are an excellent source of folate, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, and magnesium.

All these nutrients provide numerous health benefits, such as improved bone health, digestive system regularity, energy production, and decreased risk for certain types of cancer.

Adding radish microgreens to sautéed vegetables is an easy way to get some extra nutrition into your diet without sacrificing taste. The combination of sweet vegetables like spinach or kale with the spicy flavor from the radish microgreens will make for a delicious side dish that is both healthy and flavorful.


Moving on from radishes, let’s talk about beets! Beets have a sweet and earthy flavor that pairs well with other vegetables like spinach or kale when making a delicious side dish. You can sauté them with microgreens for a flavorful and healthy option.

Here are some of the best flavor combinations you can make:

  • Savory: Pair your beets with garlic and onions to create an umami-rich side dish.
  • Sweet: For a sweeter version, add carrots and apples to bring out the natural sweetness of the beets.
  • Herbs: Try adding herbs like parsley, basil, or thyme to your beet microgreen sauté for an added depth of flavor.

The possibilities don’t stop there! With so many possible pairing combinations, you’ll never run out of ideas for great tasting dishes. Plus, the colors beets give off will brighten up any plate while providing a unique flavor profile that will tantalize any taste buds!


Broccoli is a great way to add some crunch and delicious flavor to your meals! Whether you’re looking for something savory or sweet, the earthy taste of broccoli pairs wonderfully with sautéed microgreens.

Not only do broccoli and microgreens make for tasty flavor combinations, but they also provide a range of nutritional benefits. Broccoli is packed with vitamins C, K, and A as well as fiber, while microgreens are rich in vitamins A, C, and E in addition to antioxidants.

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Adding them both together into one dish can make for an incredibly healthy side that will tantalize your taste buds!

Gather Your Ingredients

Gather all the ingredients you need for your sauté. Include microgreens, spinach or kale, and any other vegetables you’d like to include. Be sure to choose fresh and vibrant produce that’s free from blemishes and discolorations. Don’t forget to season your vegetables with a pinch of salt and pepper before adding them to the pan.

Consider using herbs and spices to create a more flavorful dish. Some popular options include garlic powder, red pepper flakes, oregano, and thyme. You can also add some diced onions or other aromatics for added texture and flavor.

Finally, you may want to incorporate some additional ingredients such as nuts or seeds for crunch or cheese for creaminess. You can also use liquid additions like broth or wine to deglaze the pan after cooking the vegetables. Experiment with different flavor combinations until you find something that suits your taste buds!

No matter what ingredients you decide on for your sautéed microgreens dish, make sure they are combined in an organized fashion so that everything cooks evenly in the pan.

Prepare the Vegetables

Now that you’ve gathered your ingredients, let’s move on to preparing the vegetables. First, pick vegetables that are in season and at their peak of freshness. Choose from a variety of options such as spinach, kale, broccoli, bell peppers, or zucchini.

Cut the vegetables into bite-sized pieces so they cook evenly and quickly. Then choose from a selection of seasonings like garlic powder or onion powder for extra flavor.

Once the vegetables have been prepped, heat a skillet over medium heat with some oil or butter until it’s hot enough to sizzle when a drop of water is added. Add the cut vegetables to the skillet and sauté them until they become tender but still slightly crisp – about 5 minutes should do it!

If desired, you can add additional seasonings during this step for more complex flavors. Now it’s time to add in the microgreens! Microgreens add an extra crunchy texture and delicious flavor to any dish so don’t skip out on this part!

Place them in the pan for just 1 minute before serving – be careful not to overcook these delicate leaves since they can easily become soggy if cooked too long.

With all of your ingredients prepared and cooked together in one pan, you’re now ready to enjoy your healthy side dish! Serve up your sautéed microgreens with other flavorful vegetables right away while everything’s still warm and enjoy!

Sauté the Microgreens

Add a crunchy texture and delicious flavor to your dish by sautéing microgreens for just 1 minute. For example, if you’re making a stir-fry, add the microgreens in the last minute of cooking to keep them fresh and vibrant.

It’s important to use high heat when sautéing, as this’ll ensure that all ingredients are cooked quickly without losing their bright color or flavor. When combining different flavors, consider adding garlic and onion first to create a flavorful base before adding the microgreens. This’ll help enhance the taste of the dish while also ensuring that these delicate greens aren’t overcooked.

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There are many techniques for sautéing vegetables alongside microgreens. Some chefs prefer to cook them together while others may choose to cook each ingredient separately and combine at the end. Both techniques work well depending on what flavors you want to highlight in your dish.

No matter what technique you use, keeping an eye on timing is essential as it can easily be easy to overcook microgreens.

If you’re looking for new flavor combinations, try mixing up spices like chili powder or curry with other vegetables such as carrots or peppers – these bold ingredients pair especially well with more subtle flavors from microgreens like spinach or kale.

Another great way to bring out flavor in your side dish is by adding citrus juice or zest at the end of cooking time for added brightness and acidity!

No matter how you choose to prepare them, pairing microgreens with vegetables can be a quick and delicious way to get creative with side dishes! With so many options available, there’s sure to be something everyone can enjoy – whether it’s a classic stir-fry or something new!

Serve the Dish

It’s time to serve up your delicious dish of sautéed microgreens and vegetables! You have the option of serving the dish as a side or as an entrée.

If you choose to serve it as a side, then portion sizes should be smaller so that everyone can enjoy all the flavors without feeling too full. If you opt to make it an entrée, then larger portions will be necessary in order for everyone to feel satisfied.

When it comes to presentation, there are many options. For example, if you want something more formal, try plating the vegetables and microgreens on individual plates with some garnish around them for added visual appeal and texture. Or if you’re going for a more relaxed atmosphere, try putting everything into a large bowl or platter and letting everyone help themselves.

For accompaniments, you can pair the dish with anything from roasted potatoes or grains like quinoa or couscous to grilled fish or chicken breast. The possibilities are endless! Additionally, sauces such as soy sauce or teriyaki sauce can be served on the side for those who would like extra flavor.

No matter how you decide to serve this delicious dish of sautéed microgreens and vegetables, your guests are sure to enjoy it! With its bright colors and unique flavor profile, it is sure to become one of your go-to dishes when entertaining family and friends.

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